Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Liebster Award – Round Two

Last week Sara at Life Between the Miles nominated me for a Liebster Award (thanks Sara!). I love these because I feel like I get to know my blog-o-sphere friends a little bit better, and I get to share some fun tidbits about myself as well! The first time I was nominated for a Liebster Award was actually almost a whole year ago, so I’m calling this one round two!


The Liebster Award Rules

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you
2. You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
3. You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award
4. You must create 10 questions for your nominees
5. You must go to their blogs and notify the nominees

My Questions from Sara

1. If you could spend the day with one famous person, who would it be and why?
Whitney Houston. I wish I could tell her how much of an inspiration she was to me as a singer. I grew up listening to her music and amazing voice. Even though she is gone now, her music still makes me so happy and brings out the best in my own singing!

2. What is an attribute you admire in others?
Honesty – I believe it’s the only way to have a solid foundation for a great friendship or relationship!

3. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would be the 3 things you would take with you?
Boat, Satellite Phone, and a Survival Guide. Practicality, people.

4. If money was no object, what would you choose as your career?
I’ve always had this crazy dream to have my own Travel Channel show. I’d love to be the next Samantha Brown! I’d also really love to work for runDisney!

5. What is YOUR greatest achievement?
Running a full marathon! After that, I’d say getting my Bachelor’s Degree, and also my APICS Certification in Production & Inventory Management. Is it bad that I put my running achievements before my scholarly ones? Haha


6. Why did you decide to start blogging?
Before I ran my first long-distance race (the 2013 Princess Half Marathon), I scoured the internet constantly for race recaps and information. A couple weeks after the race I decided that I really wanted to help others plan their runDisney races! I also wanted an outlet to document training towards my goals in running! It has become so much more than that, though. I love all the friends I have made through blogging!


7. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I have a lot. A few include lying, weak handshake, lack of eye contact in conversation, and when girls wear perfume and tons of make-up at the gym. If you look cute when you workout, you’re not doing it right!!

8.What is your favorite pizza toppings?
Cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Thanks! Pepperoni works too every once in a while.

9. What is the theme song of your life?
It changes every so often based on what is going on in my life but one of my favorites that never goes out of style is “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey… It’s a classic!

This is actually a photo of me singing “Don’t Stop Believin” on a dinner cruise Robert and I went on last year!image

10. If you had $1,000 that you could spend on anything, what would you spend it on?
A runDisney vacation of course (Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m addicted to Disney. Whew, glad I got that off my chest.)! I’d splurge on one of the really nice resorts on campus!


 My Nominees for the Liebster Award
(I am going to try and nominate different people from last time)

1. Jess at A Little More Each Day
2. Lauren at Halfway to the Castle
3. Jewell at The Forever Learner
4. Michele at Pace of Balance
5. Denise at Healthy Disney Family
6. Lauren at Running the States
7. Tina at Gotta Run Now
8. Rebecca at Press On & Run
9. Meg at Runaway Royalty
10. Jamie at Cocktails and Carseats

Questions for My Nominees

1. So far, what is your favorite race that you have run and why?
2. What is your favorite childhood memory?
3. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
4. What are you most passionate about?
5. What is your dream job?
6. If a movie were to be made about your life, what celebrity would play you?
7. If you could have played a character from any movie, who would you pick?
8. What is your favorite Disney movie and why?
9. What is the #1 race on your bucket list?
10. If you could choose one food to have zero calories, what would it be?

QOTD: Choose one of the questions for my nominees and answer in the comment section!


  1. Thanks for nominating me! It's hard to pick a favorite race. My first marathon, in Houston, is special because it's my first, but I've run in some pretty amazing places, like the Big Sur marathon, and I've gotten to do some really fun things at others like in Hawaii when I ran the Kona Marathon. Like you said, having a travel show would be a dream job!

    1. The Kona marathon would be amazing to run! I'll be at Big Sur in 2015!!

  2. Thank you for the nomination - I really appreciate it! :)
    I used to watch all of Samantha Brown's shows, especially when she did Disney resorts and specials - those were always my favorite!

    1. You are very welcome :0) Samantha Brown's shows were always my favorites too!

  3. Such fun! I love getting to know more about blogging friends! I love samantha brown and actually use to record the shows when she went to Disney! I never went back and watched them again though, maybe I should!

    1. Yes!! I always loved her Disney specials!

  4. I put my running achievements over my academic ones too :) My favorite thing about blogging is definitely all of the awesome people I have met! Asking me to pick a favorite Disney movie is so hard! My favorite classic is 101 dalmatians, my favorite Pixar is Cars, and my favorite newer one is of course Frozen!

    1. Haha you know you're a runner when.... :0)

      Those are all great Disney movies!

  5. Thanks for the nomination, Lauren! I have to agree with you on having a Travel Channel Show as a your dream job, and if it could cover Disney - bliss! :)

    1. You're welcome :0) I agree, that would be 100% bliss!! How cool would it be to have a Travel Channel show where you run the races around the world, too?!

  6. How fun! Can't wait to join along! Thanks for the nomination :)
    I love the picture of you singing "Don't stop believing"... you're much calmer then me. I'm sure I would have had a arm in the air & a corny dramatic look on my face... channeling the inner-Steve-Perry in me :)

    1. You're welcome! :0) Oh I'm sure I had my dramatic moments while singing, but then I saw the camera guy LOL!

  7. I love this! (and I have to do mine too-- i got from another blogger). Would you believe I have never been to Disney but all this Disney talk is making me wonder if I have been deprived of so much fun!

    1. Awesome - I can't wait to read your Liebster Award post! You definitely should take a Disney vacation, I highly recommend it :0)

  8. Yay! I love the Liebster posts, they're so fun. Fun to learn more about you! I agree with you on the trying to look cute while working out -- give me a break, you're SUPPOSED to be a hot mess. Haha. ;) Also...I know what you mean about putting your running achievements before everything else -- that's totally how I would answer the "my greatest achievement" question, too. :-D

    1. They sure are, and you were the first one to ever nominate me for one! :0) I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who is more proud of their running accomplishments than anything else lol!

  9. So fun, love your answers! If any food could have zero calories, I would love it to be pizza. I remember in college when I didn't gain weight by looking at food and I could down pizza like no other, LOL awe to go back to those days, haha

    1. Pizza is an awesome idea for zero calories! I could probably eat pizza every day if I knew it wouldn't make me gain weight lol!

  10. I LOVE your answers!! It's funny you mentioned Whitney because I was rocking out to I wanna dance with somebody last night as I was getting my work stuff ready!! I absolutely LOVE her music, she was in a league of her own!

    1. That is awesome!! I love that song!

  11. Hi Lauren! Thanks for nominating me! I hope there isn't a time limit, I'm just getting settled in from being on vacation. I will get to it this week tho! I would totally sing "Don't Stop Believing" with you!

    1. You are very welcome! There is definitely not a time limit, so no worries on that :0) I can't wait to read your answers!

      I bet we would have a blast singing Don't Stop Believing together - channel our inner rock stars!