Monday, December 8, 2014

Product Review: Gone for a Run

Hey everyone! Long time no talk, huh?! Today I have a great post for you…a (very belated) product review for a running shirt from Gone for a Run. They contacted me a couple months ago to see if I would do a review of one of the products and gave me a list from which to choose. I decided to go with this adorable shirt:

It comes in six different color combos, all of which are gorgeous! I had a hard time just choosing which color I wanted. I love the saying on the shirt too – what girl doesn’t enjoy a delicious glass of wine in the evenings (especially if we earned it with a run that day)?!

Since I received the shirt, I have run in it multiple times, and I have to say it is fantastic. It is light and airy which is perfect for those hot and humid runs here in Texas. The material is soft, sweat wicking, and very breathable. One thing you may want to consider, though, is size. In general I wear a small so that is what I ordered, and while it fits very comfortably, I noticed it runs just slightly smaller than some other running brands I have tried in the past. So if you like your running shirts a bit looser, maybe order one size up.


Now that you’ve heard about the shirt, I want to just let you all know how awesome Gone for a Run is in general. If you are a runner yourself, or have family and friends who are runners, this website is the only one you need to visit for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers! They have everything running you could think of that is running-themed…from decorative pillows, to jewelry, to bib-folios, medal hangars, phone cases, and more. In fact, I actually have one of their phone cases, and I LOVE it! Also make sure to check out their Holiday Shop section if you haven’t yet!


When it comes to ordering from Gone for a Run, not only are their products great, but their customer service is as well. I am someone who usually likes to buy things in person because I can see it/touch it and know exactly what I am getting, but all my experiences with Gone for a Run have been top-notch! I very highly recommend their products to you all.

*Disclaimer: I was provided 1 (one) free product from Gone for a Run, but was not compensated in any way for this post. All opinions are my own.

QOTD: Do you own any products from Gone for a Run?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Randomness

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the silence most of the week, but I have awesome news – I have decided to re-enter the oil field, and accepted a new position with my old company! The past few months of doing sales full-time have been fun, but when it came down to it, my career passion is supply chain management. I love it more than anything else! I started my new job earlier this week so life has been majorly busy, and blogging took a bit of a back seat, but hey, I’m here now, right?! :0)

I’m sure most of you have seen by now that runDisney posted the Wine & Dine half marathon corrals and waivers – I’ll be in Corral E! Anyone going to be joining me?


In other VERY exciting news,  my awesome friend Courtney is running her VERY FIRST FULL MARATHON this Sunday!! Everyone should go to her blog and wish her the very best of luck (not that she needs it though because she is going to do great no matter what)!! GO COURTNEY!

Also happening this weekend – I have two races! It’s my first weekend of racing since April. That is a long time people…darn ITBS! Robert and I decided to register the other day for the Monster Mash 10K (I figure we both have long runs this weekend, so why not dress up, have fun, and get a medal for it?). Then on Sunday we are doing the Oktoberfest Triathlon. My goal for both races is to take it slow, stay strong and pain-free, and just enjoy myself!

Monster Mash medal!

QOTD: What are your plans this weekend?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Recap 9/29/14 – 10/5/14

Dopey Challenge Countdown: 4 Weeks Down/14 Weeks To Go

Happy Monday all! When I wrote my Dopey Challenge countdown at the top of my post last night, I was shocked when I saw 4 weeks down already. I have a feeling this training cycle is going to go by fast! In fact, Robert and I leave for the runDisney Wine & Dine half marathon weekend in just under a month…I can’t wait! I still have to get park tickets for Disney World and Universal Studios, which I plan on doing sometime today.

Training this week had its ups and downs, but it was mostly good. I had my third Airrosti physical therapy appointment, with my fourth coming up this Wednesday. I think it could potentially be my last one, too, but only time can tell!

I did 4 miles on Tuesday (3/1 intervals) which went overall really well…a little discomfort but nothing major. On Wednesday (the day after my Airrosti appointment) I was really sore, but felt ready to tackle my scheduled 3-miler. My PT had asked me to attempt to run one of these miles in its entirety to see how my leg handled it; my plan was to do the first mile as 2/1 intervals for a warm-up followed by running all of mile 2 and doing the final mile based on how I felt. Well, my leg was in horrible pain for the first 1.5 miles. In fact, there were a couple times where I couldn’t even finish my 2 minute intervals of running due to the pain. Then something just kind of clicked and the pain lessened to just a slight discomfort and I was able to run the entire final mile without trouble! A very strange run that day, haha, but at least it ended on a positive note.

Friday was my long run; I had 7 miles scheduled. I ran the first 2 miles in 3/1 intervals and then started to try and run the entire next mile. After about 0.4 miles after I tried this, it felt like someone took a sledge hammer tipped with a poison-laced arrow to my knee and I had to walk the next half mile. It was painful. After my walk break, I started to run again, and just like the run a couple of days before, the pain lessened to merely a slight discomfort and I ran the entire next 2 miles with no pain at all! After that I took a short walk break for some electrolytes and then ran the next 1.5 miles pain free! As you can see by Garmin below, my mile paces were all over the place that day!


By the end of that run, I felt on top of the world because I really feel like I am beating this ITBS quickly! I can’t wait until I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Robert and I also had a kickball game on Thursday, which we won 9-2! As previously promised, I took a few photos to share with y’all!




This weekend was so much fun as well! Saturday I worked the Bondi Band booth at the Houston Original Mud Run, and then on Sunday we celebrated Leilani’s 4th birthday! I’ve been so blessed to have had her since she was just a puppy – she’s brought such happiness to my life! We made a special puppy pancake breakfast, and then got her a “pup cake” as well.


My workouts this week:

Monday: Foam Rolling + Stretching

 Tuesday: 4 Mile Run + Airrosti Appointment #3 + Foam Rolling + Stretching

Wednesday: 3 Mile Run + Foam Rolling + Stretching

Thursday: Kickball Game + Foam Rolling + Stretching

Friday: 7 Mile Run + Foam Rolling + Stretching

Saturday: Worked Mud Run + Foam Rolling

Sunday: Foam Rolling + Stretching

Monday Motivation!Daily motivation (25photos) - da-mo-23

QOTD:  Have you ever had a run where your mile paces were extremely varied?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Five: All Things Pumpkin

Who here loves Fall?! I know I do! As much as I enjoy summer fun, the mild weather, colors, smells, and tastes of this season are my favorite and I look forward to them all year. Since we are now a few days into October and the wonderful Fall season, I thought I would list a few of my favorite pumpkin-flavored products/recipes!

1. Crock Pot Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili: This is hands down one of my favorite Fall recipes on Skinny Taste! I make it multiple times every year during Fall and Winter!

(photo from

2. Skinny Pumpkin Mousse: This is my favorite pumpkin dessert dish…not only is it only 100 calories per serving, but it is absolutely delicious! If you want to add a little something extra, I like to eat 1 or 2 ginger snap cookies along with the mousse!

image(Photo credit)

3. Coffee-Mate Pumpkin Spice Creamer: It’s like adding a little bit of Heaven to every coffee cup (2nd only to the caffeine itself, haha)!

Pumpkin Spice Liquid(Photo credit)

4. Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice Tea: This is actually new to my taste buds this year. I saw it in my parents’ pantry while in Dallas last weekend and decided to give it a try…so yummy! It is a perfect way to relax in the evening at the end of a busy day!

chai pumpkin spice(Photo credit)

5. Pumpkin Butter: Another recipe from Skinny Taste (and for a good reason…Gina has the best recipes). This pumpkin butter tastes great on toast, pancakes, muffins, and more!

(Photo credit)

Have a great weekend y’all!

QOTD: What’s your favorite pumpkin recipe/product?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

“Would you Rather?” Running Edition

A few weeks ago, Lauren at Breathe Deeply and Smile did a fun “would you rather?” blog post for runners, and I have decided to share my answers today! I’d love to see you all answer these questions on your blog, too!

1. Would you rather run a 5K or a marathon?

This is pretty tough. I love how many fun 5K’s there are out there, but the sense of accomplishment after a full marathon is truly amazing. My answer? A marathon! Plus, the ‘bling’ is unbeatable!


2. Would you rather run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold?

While it certainly wouldn’t be a PR, I’d choose a flat race in the heat. While I am fully aware I need to train more hills, they still suck since they are the ultimate cause of my ITBS! Plus, this Texas girl is used to running in a warmer climate.

3. Would you rather get new running shoes or a new running outfit?

New shoes! I always feel as though I am walking on clouds when I put on a new pair of running shoes!


4. Would you rather run a race without headphones or without a Garmin?

Definitely without headphones. I actually rarely run with headphones anyway so this wouldn’t be a problem. I enjoy getting lost in my thoughts while I run!

5. Would you rather run on the treadmill for an hour or in a circle around the same street for an hour?

Circle around the same street. After recently learning from my Airrosti provider that treadmills are actually pretty bad for runners who train for races, I’ll take pretty much anything over a treadmill run!

6. Would you rather run a Ragnar Relay or a marathon relay?

Both are on my running bucket list, however, I’ll choose a Ragnar race! They really look like a blast. Besides, who doesn’t want to spend two days in a van with your 8 closest friends while taking turns running legs of a 200 mile journey? :0)

A runner's favorite compliment :)

7. Would you rather come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st in the New York City Marathon?

I would choose 4th in the Olympics. While coming in first in one of the biggest races in the world would be truly incredible, the Olympics are on a whole different level. Placing 4th on an international scale of competition would be crazy awesome!

8. Would you rather give up running for 1 year to get a BQ (Boston Marathon qualifying time) or never BQ but run as much as you want?

Getting a BQ would be really cool, but one thing I’ve learned this year during my injury is that I do NOT enjoy being sidelined from running. I would choose being able to run as much as I want. If a BQ is in my future, awesome, but if not, that’s ok too!

9. Would you rather run in an urban area or on a trail?

Urban area – hands down. Someday I may give trail running another chance, but my one experience with it so far was no fun….a lot of ankle rolling and you really have to concentrate on exactly where you take your next step. Plus, the idea of seeing snakes during a run scares the daylights out of me!


10. Would you rather have a headache during a run or a side stitch?

I’ve had both during a run before, and a headache is much easier to handle for me. Side stitches make me feel very nauseous.

11. Would you rather run in a thunderstorm or a snowstorm?

Thunderstorm for sure – I love them! Plus, like many southerners, I am a wimp when it comes to severely cold weather, haha!

12. Would you rather have a rest day on a work day or a day off?

Definitely a work day. You just never know how busy you’ll be during the work week, so it makes more sense!

13. Would you rather run just because or train for a race?

I LOVE racing and I love following a training plan! It keeps me motivated!


QOTD: Pick a question from above and answer it in the comments section below!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekly Recap 9/22/14 – 9/28/14

Dopey Challenge Countdown: 3 Weeks Down/15 Weeks To Go

Hey y’all! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope filled with great workouts and fun! Robert and I took a quick trip up to Dallas to visit family and had a great time! I actually finished the final DIY touch to my Wine & Dine half marathon costume…and by ‘I finished’ I definitely mean I watched my mom make it, haha! I am so excited about it. Robert and I will probably do his DIY costume stuff in the next couple weeks so I can show y’all pictures soon!

Before I talk about workouts,  did anyone watched the season premiere of Once Upon a Time last night? It was seriously perfection. I have a feeling this is absolutely going to be my favorite season yet! I don’t want to put any spoilers so I’ll dance around it, but is anyone else ridiculously excited about that object Rumple opened near the end of the episode? Robert and I are thrilled to see where the writers go with that!

Ok, now on to training…as I mentioned on Friday, my 2-mile Airrosti recovery run went really well! It was needed, too, after my runs on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll spare you the major details, but they.were.miserable. SO much pain the entire time. Now having two Airrosti appointments under my belt, and my third one scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday I am feeling a lot more optimistic for recovery.

My 6-mile long run on Saturday was up and down, but mostly up. Since we were in Dallas, the weather was an amazing Fall running temperature, and with low humidity! I did 2/1 intervals (run two minutes/walk 1 minute) for the entire time. The bad news is that I felt a lot of discomfort for the majority of the run, but the good news is that is never got to the point of pain where I had to stop an interval. This is a huge improvement from my earlier week’s runs! And while I feel as though I have a better outlook on running intervals than I used to, I still look forward to the day when I can just run without looking at my watch for when to stop and walk!

In addition to my running and Airrosti appointments, I am doing a TON of foam rolling, daily icing (and actual ice baths on appointment days), and stretching as well. Here’s to a very speedy and full recovery!

My workouts this week:

Monday: Yoga + IT Band Stretches + Airrosti Appointment #1 + Foam Rolling

Tuesday: 4.2 Mile Run + IT Band Stretches & Strength Exercises + Foam Rolling

Wednesday: 3.2 Mile Run + Foam Rolling + Stretching

Thursday: Airrosti Appointment #2 + Foam Rolling + Evening walk

Friday: 2 Mile Run + 1 Mile Walk + Foam Rolling & Stretching

Saturday: 6 Mile Run + Foam Rolling & Stretching

Sunday: Rest Day/Foam Rolling & Stretching

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QOTD:  Are you a fan of Once Upon a Time?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting my running ‘Mojo’ Back

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the bit of silence this week. I found that company I was looking for earlier this week – it is called Airrosti! I had my first session on Monday and my second one yesterday. Usually Friday’s are my long run days, but since I had my appointment yesterday, my doctor advised that I do a 2-mile recovery run today instead, and move my scheduled 6-miler to tomorrow. His advice for today’s run was to do intervals – 1 minute walk + 1 minute run at a normal pace + 45 seconds at a quicker pace. Since it was easier to keep track of intervals and time at the top of each minute, I added 15 seconds of normal pace running to each 45 second quick pace interval. This essentially made it 2/1 intervals for the duration of my run.

Today’s run went incredibly well – it gave me a ‘win’ that I desperately needed, and I feel like my running ‘mojo’ is starting to make its way back! I went over to The Woodlands Waterway path for my run today, and it was just gorgeous outside! The sun was out and the temperature was about 75 degrees. Perfection.

My view during the runimage

I also noticed the leaves on the trees starting to turn colors…hints of Fall are in Houston! image

Doing intervals this new way actually made me realize that intervals aren’t so bad. I have talked before about how it keeps me from getting in my zone, but I felt strong mentally and physically today. My runs earlier in the week were miserably painful, but today I never passed discomfort. Definitely a win in my world right now! My first mile pace was 10:58 and my second was 10:15 – I was ecstatic when I saw those times!


Since my training schedule is a bit off this weekend, and I will be doing my long run tomorrow, today’s run was essentially replacing my 3-miler scheduled for Sunday. So after my 2 miles, I decided to just walk one extra mile for the books. Usually I really dislike walking – I always want to go FAST (if my husband or parents are reading this right now they are probably laughing because of how true it is)! Fortunately a few minutes into my walk, my brother video Skyped me from South Korea and kept me company for about 15 minutes while I got that last  mile done! Must have been that awesome brother/sister connection since he called at the perfect time - Thanks Brad!

Awesome motivational sign I saw on the path!image

Wish  me luck on my long run tomorrow! Those miles are getting DONE whether I need to run, walk, or crawl!

QOTD: Have you had a personal ‘win’ this week yet?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekly Recap 9/15/14 – 9/21/14

Dopey Challenge Countdown: 2 Weeks Down/16 Weeks To Go

Hey y’all, happy Monday! I am going to be completely honest with you, I almost didn’t write a post for today. I had yet another setback last week. Everything seemed to be fine until Friday; I went to the gym to do my 5 mile long run and started my usual intervals. I made it through 4.3 miles but then my IT band began to hurt…bad. I walked until the treadmill said 4.75 miles then went home feeling extremely defeated. As most of you know, I battled ITBS on my LEFT side for most of the summer. I overcame that, but Friday it was my RIGHT IT band that was hurting. WHAT GIVES?! Anyway, I was obviously very upset, but I think I have a plan.

On Friday I drove over to Austin to work the Bondi Band booth at the Camp Gladiator finals, which was a blast! But more importantly, they had a booth sponsor there that helps athletes with injuries and their average rate of success (meaning athletes go back to their usual workouts) is after THREE sessions. Sign me up!! The only problem is I can’t remember the name…it starts with an ‘A’ so I messaged Camp Gladiator on Facebook asking what the company is and am just waiting on a response. One girl I was speaking with before the event began said she battled chronic IT band pain for a while and after a few sessions with them she said she didn’t have any issues. So I’ll keep y’all posted on what I find out, but I’m optimistic!

In other great news, last Wednesday was mine and Robert’s 2nd wedding anniversary! We celebrated by going to lunch together, exploring around the Woodlands area, and finally had dinner. Robert was in charge of making dinner and I was in charge of dessert. He made Cajun spiced filet mignon, seafood stuffed peppers, Creole sautéed mushrooms, and mashed potatoes. I made chocolate pots de crème. Everything was absolutely delicious! I also got him a new iPod Nano, and my gift is actually still being made. I will get it in November… I can’t wait to show you all what it is!

Wine we had with dinner (Gabbiano Chianti) – highly recommend!image

Robert and I also got Houston Texans jerseys this weekend! He’s always been a Texans fan, and while I am still a hardcore Cowboys fan, there are a couple football players who I will always follow: JJ Watt from the Texans, and Peyton Manning from the Broncos. So for whatever team they play on, I will be cheering!


Last but certainly not least, ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL ONCE UPON A TIME IS BACK!! That is all.

Monday: Yoga + IT Band Stretches & Strength Exercises + Foam Rolling

Tuesday: 4.2 Mile Run + Stretching & Foam Rolling

Wednesday: Rest Day (Anniversary!)

Thursday: Yoga + IT Band Stretches & Strength Exercises + Foam Rolling

Friday: 4.75 Mile Run + IT Band Stretches + Foam Rolling & Ice

Saturday: Worked all day then drove back to Houston

Sunday: Stretching & Foam Rolling

Monday Motivation, and something I need to remember right now!image

QOTD:  Do you have a favorite NFL team?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2nd Anniversary

Two years ago today, Robert and I said “I Do” on a beautiful beach in Wailea, Maui. It was the greatest day of my life, and the past two years of marriage have been such an incredible journey. I love that I get to share in all of life’s adventures with him, and I look forward to many, many more years together!

I still love to look at our wedding photos and reminisce about that perfect day! Aside from marrying my best friend, one of the best parts of that day was when a sea turtle actually swam to shore where our ceremony was taking place, which is a Hawaiian sign of longevity. What an incredible gift from God! :0)

Start of the ceremonyLauren and Robert-0056

Saying our VowsLauren and Robert-0118

Lauren and Robert-0119

First kiss as husband and wife!Lauren and Robert-0138

First dance…we were serenaded not only by our incredible musician, but also our friends and family!Lauren and Robert-0205

Photo shoot fun!Lauren and Robert-0327 Lauren and Robert-0347 Lauren and Robert-0322

Lauren and Robert-0391

QOTD: What is your ideal wedding location?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekly Recap 9/8/14 – 9/14/14

Dopey Challenge Countdown: 1 Weeks Down/17 Weeks To Go

Happy Monday all! I have some great news…Houston actually received some FALL weather this weekend! We had some temps in the 70’s with clouds so it was almost perfect sweater weather. In fact, it inspired me to get a few little decorations from Hobby Lobby (it was packed there on Saturday – I guess the nice weather sparked decor interest in other people as well haha). I’ll post pictures when I have the apartment Fall-ready!

My first week of Dopey Challenge training went very well. I even found run/walk intervals that work well for me for now. I ran .9/.1 intervals for all 4 of my running workouts this week, and more importantly, I ran them without any IT band pain. I did almost pass on my 3 miler Sunday though – I was on my feet for nearly 7 hours on Saturday. I worked the Bondi Band booth at the Houston Wicked Wine Run which was a blast! They actually have a lot of locations for this race, so if you ever get the chance to participate, I highly recommend it! There is a 5K trail run and a 1K wine tasting walk, all followed by an after party with a live band and costume contest. The coolest thing for me, though, was being able to set-up my booth at the finish line…I love watching people’s faces when they finish a race!

In other fun news, Robert and I signed up for a local kickball league and our first game was on Thursday. Robert played last season with the same team (and they won the championship!) but since I was injured I couldn’t join. I am ready to play now though! We won our first game, and am looking forward to helping defend our championship title!

Lastly, I started making some ADR’s (advanced dining reservations) for when Robert and I are at Disney for the Dopey Challenge. So far I have a dinner at California Grill during Wishes, breakfast at the Kona Cafe (can’t wait to try their famous Tonga Toast), and lunch at Sanaa! Are there any restaurants, outside the parks, that you recommend at Disney World?

My Workouts The Past Week:

Monday: Yoga + Push-ups/Sit-ups/Squats + IT Band Stretches & Strength Exercises + Foam Rolling

Tuesday: 4.2 Mile Run + IT Band Stretches & Strength Exercises + Foam Rolling

Wednesday: 3.2 Mile Run + IT Band Stretches & Strength Exercises + Push-ups/Sit-ups/Squats + Foam Rolling

Thursday: Yoga + Foam Rolling + Kickball

Friday: 4.2 Mile Run + IT Band Stretches & Strength Exercises + Push-ups/Sit-ups/Squats + Foam Rolling

Saturday: Rest Day (Worked Wicked Wine Event)

Sunday: 3.2 Mile Run + Stretching & Foam Rolling

Monday Motivation!running motivation @Elizabeth Lockhart Lockhart Walton @Carly Reni AJ @Molly Simon Simon Wheeler @Julie Forrest Forrest Butler

QOTD:  Have you ever played in a ‘just-for-fun’ local team sport league?

Friday, September 12, 2014

IN Refresh Electrolytes Review

A few months ago, a company called Ignite Naturals contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing a review on their IN Refresh electrolyte product. After briefly researching their company, I agreed to give it a try and write a review. Unfortunately due to my injury I was not able to sample it immediately, so over the past few weeks I have been testing it. Some days I drank it before I run, some days I didn’t – this was to see if there were any differences in workout quality. Spoiler Alert though, this product is definitely going to stay stocked in my home!


Let’s talk about the facts first; the first thing that drew me to the company was that everything they sell is completely natural. Straight from their website, they say “No GMO’s (genetically modified foods). No stimulants. No artificial sweeteners or processed sugars. No hormones. And no unnatural fillers – just an impressive list of antioxidants and real food ingredients.”

These days there are so many options for energy gels, chews, and electrolytes, but they did not always exist. I think runners in my generation wonder how runners from previous generations were able to get through long distance races without them. You know what they used? Natural foods! I think a lot of companies out there are starting to grasp that concept and Ignite Naturals, along with other brands of energy sources for runners, are bringing those options back into the market.

To review, they sent me their 10-pack box with three different flavors – Blueberry, Dragonfruit Lemon Lime, and Tangerine Passion Fruit.




After testing them all out, I can tell you all that LOVE this product. Here is why:

Taste – The blueberry was my absolute favorite, followed closely by the tangerine passion fruit. The lemon lime was just ok, but then, I’m not much of a lemon lime fan anyway. I did not feel like any of the flavors were overly sweet. That being said, the directions say to mix with 8-12 oz of water, but if you do that it is a bit too sweet in my opinion. I often mixed mine with 17-20 oz of water and I felt that it has an optimal taste (for me) at 17 oz.

Energy – As I mentioned earlier, I alternated running days between drinking an IN Refresh electrolyte and not to see how my workouts differed. I can honestly say I felt a difference. There were a couple days where I was experiencing stomach cramps, and this helped me get through my running workouts much easier! Even on days where I was not feeling sluggish before running, I felt as though I had a stronger run.

Price – Although I try to stick with healthy, natural foods as often as I can, I think we can all agree that they seem to priced much higher than more processed options. Ignite Naturals IN Refresh electrolytes have two purchase options. The first is a 10 pack box (such as the one I received), or a 30 serving tub.

Price Breakdown (shipping average is $4 for comparison, but you can get free shipping on orders over $75)
One 10-Pack Box = $11.50 + $4 shipping = $15.50 which is $1.55 per serving
One 30-Serving Tub = $26.95 + $4 shipping = $30.95 which is $1.03 per serving
*Bonus Option* Three 30-Serving Tubs (3 month’s worth) = $80.85 + $0 shipping = $0.89 per serving

While the only ‘con’ of In Refresh electrolytes is that they are lesser known in the retail world at the moment, I can see them becoming an power house that gains much of the market for athletes. I really encourage everyone to give them a try if you are looking for other energy sources with which to experiment!

*Disclaimer: I was provided free product samples by Ignite Naturals, but did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

QOTD: Have you tried any products by Ignite Naturals? Is this a product you would want to try?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY Craft for Runners

A few years ago when I graduated from college, my mom made me an awesome gift that I could proudly display in my own home – see below photo (Wreck ‘em Tech!). I have always thought this DIY gift from her was an amazing idea, so around last Christmas I had an idea to make one of my own to represent running.


I had plans to give it to my BRF (best running friend) Stacy in February to commemorate our one year anniversary since the Princess Half Marathon (it was our first long distance race and runDisney event)! However, as easy as a project it is in theory, it is quite time consuming, so I only just recently finished it and will get it to her soon! I put a 13.1 with a tiara on top to represent the Princess theme of the race.

So now that you’ve seen the finished product, let’s talk about how to make it! I know you all want to display one of these in your homes now, right?! :0)

What you’ll need:

Styrofoam Ball: I bought a medium sized ball but you can get whichever size you want; just keep in mind you’ll be covering the entire thing with sequins so the larger the ball, the longer it will take.
Vase: This will be the base on which the final product sits.
Pins: The pins hold the sequins and small beads and are then pinned into the Styrofoam ball. Make sure to get the larger/longer ones so they won’t fall out.
Sequins: I bought small multi-colored sequins for the 13.1 and top part of the tiara, and large silver ones to cover the rest of the area.
Small Beads: I used these for the bottom portion of the tiara, and just to add some extra umph to the final product.They go onto the pin first, followed by the sequin, then are pinned into the ball.


How to make it:

Assemble all your pieces and choose your colors. Take a pin and put a small bead on first, followed by a sequin. I did the 13.1 and tiara first so I could make sure everything lined up nicely. Start pinning your main design until you are happy! I did mine in turquoise at first, but once I started pinning the silver sequins around it, I realized it was very hard to read. I decided to change the design to royal blue instead and it stood out MUCH better. Try to use contrasting colors so your design will really pop! Once your design is done, start putting the background bead/sequin colors on the pin, and pin until the remaining area is covered.





Once you are done, you now have a gorgeous new home decor item to proudly display in your home, OR you can gift it to your BRF! They will definitely love it!

QOTD: Do you enjoy DIY craft projects?