Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekly Recap 12/16 – 12/22

Marathon Training Countdown – 8 Weeks Down, 10 Weeks to Go!

Happy week of Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful time of year with loved ones. Robert and I drove up to Dallas on Friday to spend a few days with my family, and then we will be back in Houston on Christmas Eve to spend Christmas Day with his family. I feel so blessed to be able to spend the holidays with everyone I love!

Regarding training – I realized, after I changed my Woodlands Marathon countdown above, that after next Saturday I will officially be halfway done with training! Earlier this past week, they actually released some new pictures and information for the marathon; the course, the medals, and finisher shirts (also finisher-in-training shirts that we can order at the start of 2014)!

Training this week was mostly uneventful, except for my long run. I woke up on Saturday morning around 6 AM to cold temps and sprinkling rain. I was out the door around 7 AM hoping the rain would let up a little bit. Not only did it not stop raining while I was out running, but it poured for part of the time. I confess that I considered going back home around mile 7, but after some internal conflict with myself, I conceded that I am indeed stubborn enough to run 13 miles in the cold rain.

I am not 100% sure how I got through that run – only by the grace of God. I was completely numb half way through; so much so that I could not even use my hands to get my energy bar out of my fuel belt! I was quite hungry by the time I got home! But somehow my mind cleared and my body just kept going until my Garmin said 13 miles. Oh, and speaking of my Garmin, it is working again – I am very excited that I am not in the market for a new one after just a year of using this one!

Here are the stats:image

What is pretty neat is that my current half marathon PR is 2:13:48, and Saturday’s long run, not pushing my pace, is only a couple minutes off from that. I see a new half marathon PR in my racing future!

My workouts this week:

Monday: 4 x (1200 meters fast pace + 400 meters walk)

1200 meters pace = 8:30 min/mile
400 meters pace = comfortable walk

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: 6 Mile Easy Run (Pace: 10:30 min/mile)

Thursday: 4 Mile Easy Run (Pace: 10:30 min/mile)

Friday: Rest Day (Travel Day)

Saturday: 13 Mile Long Run

Sunday: Stretching & Foam Rolling

Monday Motivation – Enjoy that Christmas dinner! 

QOTD: Have you ever ran in tough weather conditions?


  1. So sorry you got caught in the rain! It was a bit rainy here yesterday but it was SO warm. I got out and walked with a friend. I ran 6 miles in the pouring rain this summer but it didn't bother me cause it was warm!
    What was going on with your Garmin? I have the same exact one and it has froze up on me a few times. So far it's been working well though.

    1. Warm rain isn't so bad, I agree!

      My Garmin has been freezing up too... just at random times mostly. It's happened only a handful of times, but definitely frustrating. Hoping that it keeps on working for awhile longer!

  2. Wow are you tough for getting through that run in the rain! I do really like the "Finisher in Training" shirt - very fun and optimistic for those tough days.

    1. Thanks, Jessica - I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty tough! I love the Finisher in Training shirt too, but I just got an email about it earlier saying they wont' arrive until February. This is just a few short weeks from the race, so not sure if I'm gonna buy one so close to the day I'll be getting the actual finisher shirts lol!