Friday, August 2, 2013

Tower of Terror 10-Miler Course Map

This past weekend, runDisney revealed the course map for the 2013 Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler race. Today I would like to share my humble opinions on the course I’ll be running through for the first time in October! The following is an excerpt from the runDisney website, describing the course with slight detail.

Full Course Mapimage

“The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler is a nighttime road race that will end at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The course will start at Disney's Hollywood Studios, proceed to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and then return to Disney's Hollywood Studios. There the course will take you along a scenic route past Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show, along the New York Street back lot, past Mickey Sorcerer's Hat at the top of Hollywood Boulevard, and then on to an amazing finish at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.”

ESPN Wide World of Sports Course Mapimage

Hollywood Studios Course Mapimage

From what I can tell, there are definitely some pros and cons to this course. As a first time participant in this race, I can’t completely picture the whole course, but I think I am knowledgeable enough about Disney World that I can tell where we’ll be running for most of the time.

What I’m looking forward to:

1. Getting to run through the Disney grounds late at night.

2. Running through the ESPN Wide World of Sports – I have never seen it before!

3. Spooky characters and music along the course.

4. Running through [at least part of] Hollywood Studios!

5. Running through what appears to be part of the Backlot Tour – COOL. I’d love to see the ‘behind the scenes’ part of the park!

What I’m less than thrilled about:

1. The fact that the majority of the course looks like it is roads. I REALLY hope Disney plans some fantastic entertainment along those boring stretches of highway (especially for the price)!

2. Only running through one park. As much as I’m looking forward to see the ESPN sports complex, I also wish we could go through two parks.

3. According to the map, we aren’t running down the ‘main street’ of Hollywood Studios to the Tower of Terror ride. I was expecting the last leg of the race to be running towards one of my favorite rides! I suppose it doesn’t make sense with the after-party being around there; I’m sure there will be tons of people near that ride and it would be too congested to end the race in that area, but I was still hoping!

Well, that is my two cents about this year’s course. I am quite sure all my ‘cons’ will be highly outweighed by the ‘pros’ so I’m not really that worried. I am very excited, and hope they officially reveal this year’s medal soon along with more details about what we can expect to see along the course!

QOTD: What do you most look forward to in a runDisney race course?


  1. Having run this race last year (it was a lot of fun!!) here's what I can tell you:

    1 - there were some complaints last year about the lack of entertainment on the road....but the weather was also extremely hot and humid. That may have been a factor. There were some characters out there, but it wasn't packed. I would expect Disney to have addressed that this year and have more stuff.

    2 - yup....just 1 park. and getting so close to AK and not going it just seems to rub it in your face. Oh well.....ESPN Sports complex is pretty cool. running on the track and the baseball field is a big plus.

    3 - correct....the end of the race is actually BEHIND ToT...more in the "backstage" area. and that last long stretch seems to run on forever....there are CM's there urging you on, farther and farther....and you turn the corner and expect the finish line to be right there...and it's NOT! LOL You have to go just a bit further. it's a bit frustrating. LOL of course, like i said, last years race was HOT and HUMID! I just wanted to be done with it.

    some advice......the turn off from the main road into mile 5 up to ESPN is running the woods. and it's dark, so Disney took advantage of that and gave it a spooky run through the forest feel. It's way cool, but a lot of people were unprepared for the trail/non-pavement run, add in the darkness and there were a lot of angry people about that. Just be ready for it.

    1. Hi Jennifer!! Thank you so much for the info, and the warning about the trail! I'm so excited to see all the spooky-ness Disney adds to the race! Will you be there this year?

    2. no, not this year......i'm doing Tinkerbell and Princess next year for the Pink C2C medal!

    3. How exciting!! That medal is so pretty! I'll be at Tinkerbell too :)

  2. I definitely look forward to the parks, so if the course only goes through one, I'm not jumping at the chance to do the race. It's gotta have a minimum of 2 parks on the course.

    1. Totall understand that! But surprised too, didn't you say you were a big Halloween fan?? :0)