Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Australia Adventures – Surfing & Kayaking

After I graduated college in 2010, I went over to Brisbane, Australia to live and work for 6 months. During this time, I was able to travel up and down the beautiful eastern coast of the country. Although Australia is where I gained much of the weight that I finally lost last year (I just enjoyed the food a little too much – haha), I was still very active and learned new and fun ways to exercise – two of these being surfing and kayaking!

Some friends and I went to Byron Bay for a long weekend, which was a relatively short drive from the city of Brisbane. It is located just outside of Queensland in northern New South Wales. It is a STUNNING area, and if you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful country, I highly recommend spending a few days at Byron Bay.


We signed up with a local surf shop that teaches a small group of people at a time to surf for a couple of hours. When we made our way to the beach, they assigned us each a long board, which is apparently easier to balance on than a regular surf board. We then had a quick lesson on safety, followed by a land lesson on the technique it takes to get up on the board.

IMG_1838 IMG_1891 PB060032 HPIM3021 PB060021 PB060023

Finally it was time to test out our newfound skills in the water! We were somewhat close to shore and each took turns riding the waves all the way to where the sand stopped us. Honestly, everyone did a pretty good job, and even I was able to stand up after just a couple of tries! It was an absolute blast, and a great core workout too!



PB060126 PB060127

After our surfing lesson, we headed out with another local group who does kayaking tours. Kayaking is yet another great way to both have fun and get a workout! Working the oars against the ocean currents and keeping balanced not only exercises your arms, but your core as well. I have ocean kayaked a few times before in Hawaii, and I just love it; it is something I always do at least once when I take a beach vacation.




While kayaking, our group noticed some dolphins close by which I was so excited about, as they are one of my favorite animals! What came next was nothing short of incredible; it was a mother dolphin bringing her baby up to show it how to come up and breathe the air. It was amazing and I felt so blessed to be able to witness this miracle!

So, all in all, not only are these two ocean sports fun, but they are great workouts, and you also have the potential to witness nature’s wonders! If you ever find yourself on a beach vacation and in need of some exercise, skip the hotel gym and give surfing and kayaking a try!

QOTD: Have you ever tried these sports? Do you enjoy them?


  1. How brave you are to go all the way to Australia! Looks like you had a good time learning new activities. I have never surfed and would probably be chicken to do it out in the ocean. Maybe I would try it with those simulators like they have on the cruiselines. I have only kayaked once and I was in a boat with one other person. I would like to do that again! ~M

    1. I love ocean sports so much and definitely had fun learning new things! I've actually have never tried one of those simulators, but they look fun too!

  2. I took surfing lessons in Hawaii. I didn't realize what a workout it was until the next day. My core muscles were screaming at me.

    1. I know right, it's crazy how sore it makes your abs!

  3. I've done both in Hawaii. I love kayaking! So fun! We took surf lessons in Hawaii in hopes of surfing back home, but I'm too nervous to go out. We live in one of the best spots to surf, too. What a shame. :/

    1. Nice!! Where did y'all surf/kayak in Hawaii?

      How come you are nervous to go out? Are you in a hot spot for sharks??