Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! How is everyone celebrating this occasion? I would love to say I am running today but since it is taper week, I am just doing short, easy runs on Tuesday and Thursday to make sure my legs will be fresh for Sunday’s race. However, I will be doing 35 minutes of abs work with my buddy Jillian Michaels!  

In celebration of National Running Day, I have signed up for another race; the Alamo 13.1 in San Antonio, Texas on March 23, 2014! sent out a coupon code for $25 off registration, so if you want to sign up, the code is ‘ALAMO’.


Awesome Finisher Medal!clip_image004

Also for today, I would love for each of you to finish the sentence in the below picture in your comment. Why do you run? I know there may be a million reasons for each person, but I urge you to try and hone in on the one big thing that gets you lacing up your sneakers each day.


I run because it makes me stronger every day. Not just as a runner, but also as a person.


  1. That bling is pretty sweet!

  2. I ran 4 miles this morning to celebrate! I could NOT come up with just one reason, so I filled mine out with a bunch! LOL. (it's on my blog if you want to see) Good luck Sunday!!!

    1. Great job!! Loved your blog post today :) Thanks for the good luck wishes!