Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly Recap 5/13 – 5/19

Good morning all! How was everyone’s week? It was hot here in Houston. I HAVE to start listening to my own advice and get my Saturday long runs done early – before the sun is all the way up. It was already well into the 80’s and humid during my 7 miler this Saturday (I did not get to the park until almost 10 AM though). So it was slow, but still, I got it done!

I thought this was fitting for me this week haha :) Next week I WILL wake up early for my long run!Pinned Image

T-minus 3 weeks until the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon!

My workouts this week:

Monday: Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs (40 minutes)

Tuesday: 3.5 Mile Tempo Run (Pace: 9 min/mile)

Wednesday: Jillian Michaels 6-Week Six-Pack (35 minutes)

Thursday: 4.5 mile maintenance run (Pace: 10:30 min/mile)

Friday: Rest Day/Stretch

Saturday: 7.1 miles in 1:15:05 – You can see below that the first 3-4 miles were well paced and I was feeling pretty good. After that though, the heat really took its toll and slowed me down for awhile. However, my overall average pace was still 10:34, so not too bad considering how tired I was!

Mile 1: 10:17
Mile 2: 10:19
Mile 3: 10:15
Mile 4: 10:29
Mile 5: 10:52
Mile 6: 11:09
Mile 7: 10:40
Mile 0.1: 1:04

Sunday: It is a beautiful day outside yet again, so I will be going for a walk at the park and hopefully spending some time in the pool!

Sunday Motivation!

QOTD: How was your training this week?


  1. 17 miles for me this week! :) It's heating up though, took a relaxed 3.5 mile run with my son this morning and although it hadn't warmed up too much that early, it was SO humid and sticky! I was dripping with sweat, but it felt good.

    1. That's awesome - I'm glad your run still felt good even with the humidity!

  2. There was a local marathon along my usual running path, so I woke up at 5am to run 8 miles before the racers got there. So hard to wake up, but it was worth it. :)

    1. WOW that is impressive! I will be trying to tell myself next Saturday that it will be worth it too - I have such trouble waking up early on weekends lol :)