Monday, May 20, 2013

Liebster Award

I would like to preface this post by giving a huge thank you to Jennifer at The Final Forty for nominating me for a Liebster Award! This award is basically a way of personally recognizing your favorite up-and-coming blogs, so it is truly wonderful to know that my blog is getting out there to motivate, inform, and entertain others!


Here is how it works:

1. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
3. Create 11 new questions.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in your post.
5. Thank the person that nominated you and tell the people you’ve nominated.

11 Random Facts:

1. My name is Lauren, but most of my friends call me Ren. It is a nickname I started going by in 7th grade so that I could differentiate myself from all the other Lauren’s in school. However, if you ask my friends from back then, they will tell you it is because I reminded them of Ren from the old Disney Channel show ‘Even Stevens.’

2. I want to travel the world. It is my personal belief that God created this beautiful planet for us to explore and enjoy every part of it.

3. I never want to go a day in my life without laughing!

4. I am a singer, and was in both the varsity choir and show choir in high school. I loved every second of it, and miss it every day!

5. I have a Type A personality – 110%. I plan every little detail about everything. I am also very logical and analytical. It makes vacations super efficient though!

6. I lived in Brisbane, Australia for 6 months after I graduated college. While I was there I also traveled along the entire Australian east coast, along with New Zealand and Fiji.

7. I learned to skydive, and scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! I also learned to surf in Byron Bay, Australia.

8. I am a coffee addict! But not because of the caffeine – I really just love the taste.

9. I am very patriotic. I have had many friends and family members serve in the military, including my dad!

10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE roller coasters! My current favorite is The Hulk at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure!

11. In addition to my obsession with Disney, you can add a huge obsession with Harry Potter (books & movies). In fact, I visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter within its first month of opening, and I cannot wait to visit when they finish the new additions in 2014!

11 Questions from Jennifer at The Final Forty:

1. What are some of your hobbies (other than running, I mean)? I love to sing, dance, and read! I am also a big movie-goer!

2. What’s your favorite song of all time? Just one?! There are a million songs that I love, but one that I never get tired of is “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

3. What do you do for a living? I am a Supply Chain Management Professional in the oil industry.

4. When and why did you start blogging? I just recently began blogging in early April, and I started because I really wanted to both keep myself accountable, and inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle!

5. What’s your favorite animal? Dolphins and puppies! My family and I lived in Hawaii when I was younger, and I was able to swim with dolphins while we were there – I loved it so much! Puppies are just the best; it is my personal opinion that a house is not a home without a dog. :)

6. What’s your biggest pet peeve? I have a lot of these – but the biggest ones are when people do not make eye contact with you when you are in a conversation with them, and also when people don’t wear deodorant at the gym. That is just bad hygiene (and stinky!).

7. If you won the lottery tomorrow…what would you spend the money on? I would give a lot to charities that focus on saving the lives of animals, such as the ASPCA, as well as local humane societies. I would save some, invest a lot of it, and give some to family of course. The first actual thing I would buy though would be buy flight tickets to Europe for Robert and I, so we could travel all around over there! Neither one of us have been there yet.

8. What’s your favorite color? Turquoise – it reminds of me the ocean!

9. What’s your favorite season/time of year? They are all great, but I would say my favorite would be summer because I love being at the pool!

10. If you could eat one food every day and still never, ever get sick of it…what would it be? Chocolate and peanut butter… yummy!

11. What are some of your favorite ways to stay fit (again, other than running)? Definitely swimming! Since I have a triathlon coming up, I will be biking a lot more as well. I also really enjoy kickboxing even though it has been awhile since I have done it.

My 11 Questions for Others:

1. What race is at the top of your running bucket list?
2. If money was no object and you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
3. What is your current running goal that you are working towards?
4. What is your favorite food to eat after a race?
5. Of all the blog posts you have written, which one is your favorite?
6. What is your favorite movie?
7. Who is your favorite Disney character?
8. Dogs or Cats?
9. What is one thing you REALLY want to do in the next 5 years (does not have to be running related)?
10. Best piece of running advice anyone has ever given you?
11. What is your dream job?

My 11 Nominees – I love each of your blogs and I hope you have as much fun with your Liebster post as I did!

1. Lesley at A Runner’s Shenanigans
2. Kim at Confessions of a Domestic Goddess
3. Karen at Losing the Glass Slippers
4. Lacey at Fairytales and Fitness
5. Meranda at Fairytales and Fitness
6. Patty at Margaritas, Miles & the Mouse
7. Heather at Through Heather’s Looking Glass
8. Christine at We Run Disney
9. Pam at We Run Disney
10. Cintia at Simply Cintia
11. Sarah at Our Journey

QOTD: When and why did you start blogging?


  1. Awww! You are awesome. BTW, I always thought it could be Ren from Ren & Stimpy! LOL! Guess I have some questions to work on! :)

    1. LOL People do reference that show too sometimes! Can't wait to read your post-have fun with it! :)

  2. You're so welcome! Great answers to the questions. I am SO with you on the chocolate/peanut butter combo. I'm a roller coaster and coffee addict, too! ;-D

    1. That is awesome! What roller coaster is your favorite so far?!

  3. Thank you, Lauren! I look forward to sharing the love and nominating others as well!

    1. You're very welcome! Loved your post today :)

  4. Thank you so much Lauren! We so appreciate your blog!
    ~Meranda and Lacey

    1. You both are very welcome! :) Looking forward to your post!

  5. Thanks so much for the shoutout!
    as for the QOTD: I started blogging in November of 2009!

    1. You're very welcome! That is awesome you have been blogging so long!