Wednesday, May 8, 2013


As I was perusing Runner’s World the other day, I came across an innovative new piece of running gear. It is called the FitSip, which is an entirely new approach to a hydration belt. It is an armband with a built-in water bottle that can hold up to 6.7 ounces of water. There is a soft bite valve (much like on a regular water bottle) that is placed where you would see a watch face on your wrist. This allows you to just hold up your arm to your mouth to take a quick sip rather than pulling a water bottle from your hydration belt, or holding one during your entire run. Theoretically ingenious if you ask me!

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The creators of this product wanted to solve the problem of the unbalanced effect from wearing a hydration belt, as well the need for mid-run fluids without the need to carry an actual water bottle. They also claim that it is “so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing it, and impossible to drop, lose or leave behind while you’re out.”

While reading, I thought to myself - Really now?! I kind of want to test that theory.

Not long after that thought, I found out you can only purchase the FitSip online from the UK (where it is being manufactured). I have to admit I was disappointed. It is already priced rather high at £23.99 (about $37), and adding on international shipping would be yet another £12 (about $18). So, as much as I would love to try this product, I think I am going to wait until they start selling in the US. I consider myself a very frugal person – which at times, can be frustrating, but in the long run, it is better for me that way! So for now, all I can say is, I hope it catches on fast!

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QOTD: Is this a product you would be interested in trying? Why or why not?


  1. Oh man, they would sell tons of those here in the US, I hope they come here! I would use one, I won't wear a hydration belt and I hate carrying stuff!

    1. I hope they do too! I wear a hydration belt on my longer runs -- I honestly have to with the heat down here!

  2. This is a great idea. I can usually go pretty far without a drink, but am dieing for one as soon as my run ends. I would love to order this for my sister but you are right, the price plus shipping is still kind of high. Maybe we will get lucky and we will see them at a race expo sometime soon. Lauren, are you on facebook? Let us know, we would like to connect. You can find us on Facebook at Fairytales and Fitness.

    1. A race expo would be a perfect way for them to get their name out there :)

      I have not created a fb page for my blog yet, but I intend to in the near future - I will let you know when I do so we can connect there!

  3. Hi, this is Belinda at FitSip. Thank you Lauren for the mention on your blog. We're sorry that shipping to the US is so expensive, but we'd love you to try FitSip and, to thank you for the lovely mention, we can offer you and readers of your blog a 25% discount. Let me know if this is of interest and I can set up a special discount code for you on our website. Please do let me know also the best running stores in your area so that we can contact them and hopefully get FitSip selling in the States before too long.

    1. Hi Belinda! Thank you so much for contacting me; I am very interested in trying out the FitSip!

      Do you have an email so I can get in contact with you? My email is: