Monday, April 8, 2013

The “Colorful” Side of Running

Color Runs -- everyone has heard of them. Are they as fun as people make them out to be? Absolutely! Robert and I did the Graffiti Run back in December 2012 here in Houston and we had a blast -- In fact, we just signed up for another one that has obstacles! Because I had so much fun, I decided to compile a few reasons why you should take part in the fun too!  

5 reasons why I think everyone should do a Color Run:
  1. It is not timed – we all get caught up in racing, but sometimes we just need to run without thinking about a PR.
  2. The atmosphere – it is one huge, loud, crazy party, and the excitement of the participants is contagious!
  3. The color stations – during the race, the color stations that you run through are lined with people throwing what look like colored snowballs at you.
  4. The color cloud – after the race, everyone gets into one big crowd below the DJ area, and all at once, throws color up into the air, creating an explosion of color!
  5. For 100% pure FUN!

5 tips for running a Color Run:
  1. Wear white, it shows the colors best, which makes for great pictures.
  2. Do NOT worry about your time. In fact, do not even bring your pace watch!
  3. Keep your mouth tightly closed when you run through the color stations. Trust me on this – the colors being thrown at you is a lot of fun, but they are not tasty. Plus, you will be spitting rainbows for quite awhile.
  4. Take lots of pictures!
  5. Enjoy the party, and have fun!
colorrun2 colorrun
QOTD: Have you ever done a color run? What was your favorite aspect of it?

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