Friday, April 5, 2013

runDisney In a Nutshell

Ok, so I love running, and I love Disney, so really it is inevitable that I do a post about runDisney, right? Mostly, I just want to create awareness of this inspiring part of Disney, because before last spring, I had no idea it even existed! Maybe if others knew, they would be motivated to start running towards a healthy lifestyle!
runDisney is exactly what it sounds like, it is running races located at the Disney Parks {Walt Disney World, Florida, as well as Disneyland, California – and from what I hear, a possibility that there will be a race in Disneyland Paris, France!} 
Keep in mind that these weekends pretty much always include more than just the races. They include a huge running expo, a pasta party, kid’s races, a 5K race, sometimes an after-party, and more! 
OH, and if you do a race in both Disney World, and Disneyland in the same calendar year, you get a special Coast 2 Coast Medal! I’m going after one of those in 2014!
Here is a list of races currently offered:
1. Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend {next is January 8-12, 2014}
Run 13.1 miles in two theme parks, or run 26.2 miles in ALL FOUR theme parks! Need I say more? Why yes, yes I do. 
There are two major challenges that take place during this weekend. The first one is the Goofy Challenge. This is where you run the half marathon on Saturday, and the full marathon the NEXT DAY. Yes, I’m serious…but wait, it gets better! runDisney just announced that there is going to be a new challenge, which is very appropriately dubbed the Dopey Challenge. Disney has added a 10K to this weekend, and the Dopey Challenge will be completing the 5K, 10K, half marathon, and the full marathon all within FOUR days. Oh yeah, and you get six medals. Challenge accepted, Disney! 
2. Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend {next is February 21-23, 2014}
This race is everything your inner girly-ness could ever want! It is a women’s focused race, and you get to run 13.1 miles through two theme parks, and while dressed up as a princess of your choice! The running bibs are even themed around your favorite princess. The costume choices are SO creative at this race, and speaking from experience, the atmosphere is nothing less than magical! With the Fairy Godmother sending off fireworks to start your race, you won’t even remember that you were cursing your alarm clock at 2 AM that morning. Also, the princess bling is practically perfect in every way!
3. Expedition Everest Challenge {next is May 4, 2013}
This is a very unique race! It is a timed 5K night race through Animal Kingdom that has obstacles along the way. You also have the extra challenge of completing a scavenger hunt on your journey to the finish line! Definitely a race where competing with another person as a team would have a nice advantage! Also, the medal doubles as a compass, how awesome is that?!
4. The Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend {next is October 4-5, 2013}
This race is based around one of my top 3 favorite rides at Disney World. It is a Disney Villain/Halloween-themed 10-mile night race through Hollywood Studios (aka MGM if you want to keep it old school) and the ESPN Wide World of Sports. After the race, Hollywood Studios stays open until 4 AM for the ‘Disney Villains Hollywood Bash Party.’ For the party, many of the crowd-favorite rides and restaurants are kept open to the runners, and those who purchase separate tickets for the event. There are also DJ’s and Disney Villains! I am doing this race in October, and am SUPER EXCITED!!! Last year, the medal was glow in the dark, and had a moving elevator—awesome!
5. Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend {next is November 8-9, 2013}
Adults will LOVE this race. It is one of the many races I have not done yet at Disney, but I have every intention of running it in 2014. This race is always during the Food & Wine festival, and you get to run 13.1 miles through three theme parks, AND while they are decorated for Christmas! I seriously cannot wait to run this race, you guys. Oh, did I mention there is an after party for the runners until 4 AM with DJ’s, characters, and international food and wine kiosks? I think this race is an all-around WIN for Disney. I seriously hope whoever came up with this race got a big, fat raise! 

1. Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend {next is January 17-19, 2014}
This race looks absolutely adorable. Those who run call it “earning their wings,” and I plan on doing so in 2014. This is a women’s focused 13.1 mile race through both Disney parks in California, as well as the streets of Los Angeles! Don’t forget to wear your fairy best and bring your pixie dust for this event! 
2. Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend {next is August 30 – September 1, 2013}
This 13.1 mile race has always been appealing to me, but now even more so with their newest challenge addition to this weekend! They are calling it the Dumbo Double Dare. They have added a 10K, and the challenge is to complete the 10K and the half marathon in the same weekend. I pretty much have to do this race now, I mean Disney double dared me, and I just can’t back down on a double dare, right?!

QOTD: Have you ever done a Disney race? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Followed the link from the WISH boards :) I have done a Disney 5k and the Princess in 2012, and I will be registering for the January half on Tuesday. After that, I can't help but think about going C2C.

    1. That is great, Princess is so much fun! Good luck on your training for the January half, can't wait to read a race report on it. :0)

      And I agree, C2C is very tempting. Can't wait to earn that medal!

  2. We have run the Wine and Dine and love that race since you run through Hollywood Studios past the Osbourne Family lights display! Of course, we love all the Disney races and whichever one is next on our calendar is the current favorite!

    1. That sounds amazing. Christmas is my favorite time to visit Disney, and running through all the light displays would be too cool! Can't wait to experience the Wine & Dine half!

  3. Hope you don't mind... I found your blog through Karen at "Losing the Glass Slippers."
    I've run the Disneyland half in 2011 and 2012 and this year I'm doing Dumbo. I'm planning for Tink in 2014 and after that I know I'll be tempted to go for my coast to coast. :) The Disneyland half was my first race and will probably always be my favorite.

    I'm blogging about my training for Dumbo on my blog if you're interested. :)

  4. Of course I don't mind I love hearing from other running & runDisney fans! You are lucky you were able to get into the Dumbo Double Dare, I know it sold out in like a day -- crazy!

    I'll be at Tink in 2014 too, maybe I will see you there :0)