Friday, April 26, 2013

New to runDisney - Glass Slipper Challenge & Coast to Coast Medal 2014

I know I do not usually do two posts in one day, but I just heard the most exciting news EVER and had to share!
runDisney has added a 10K race to the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend, along with a new challenge! It is called the Glass Slipper Challenge, and you get a special medal if you complete both the 10K and half marathon during the weekend (19.3 miles total). That is 3 medals, and 4 if you do the 5k as well.
But that’s not the only news – if you complete both the Tinkerbell Half Marathon (January 19) and Princess Half Marathon (February 23) in 2014, you get a newly designed Coast to Coast Medal with a pink overlay and lanyard! So cute!!!
The New Coast to Coast Medal!
Registration for the 2014 Princess Half Marathon opens on June 11, and the Tinkerbell Half opens on July 9. However, if you are doing both of these races, then you can register early for the Tinkerbell Half on June 11 (according to the press release, there is a limited number of spots for early registration).

I absolutely loved the Princess Half this year, and next year I plan to run the Tinkerbell Half as well as the Wine & Dine Half, but that new challenge is extremely tempting!

QOTD: What are your runDisney plans for 2014 after hearing this exciting news?


  1. I was already planning for Tink and possibly a Coast to Coast with W&D. This just makes Princess so tempting! I'm such a sucker for the bling- they already got me with Dumbo!

    1. We have the same current 2014 plans :) And I agree, Princess Half is so tempting now!

  2. I was tempted, but since the PHM will be my first half, I'm sticking with just the 1/2...but 2015 I will be ALL OVER the Glass Slipper Challenge! :)

    1. You go girl!!! More excuses to go to Disney :)