Monday, April 22, 2013

Color Me Cooper 5K: Race Recap

This past Saturday, Robert and I ran the Color Me Cooper 5K race. Before the race, I expected to report that it would have been just another color run, but in actuality, it was quite possibly the hardest 3.1 miles I have ever done in my life. It was a trail run with obstacles (along with mud thanks to the rain from the day before) and more hills than I could have counted. It was definitely a fun and different experience!




As with most races though, lessons are learned. From this one, I learned 3 things about my running future:

  1. I am 95% sure I will never ever do another trail run in my life: The entire time I was running, the terrain was dipping and rising constantly – there were almost no areas of flat land, and my ankles were very sore the next day. Even though I had every intention of working out on Sunday, it just did not happen. I ended up sitting around icing my ankles instead. I will be reading race information a little more closely before signing up in the future because before I arrived to the start area for this weekend’s race, I did not know it was a trail run.
  2. Along with trail runs, I am not so sure I want to do a mud run either: Even though I have to admit they look like a good time, after I ran through the mud this past Saturday, I felt like I had 10 pound bricks on my feet. The mud stuck to my shoes and made running much more difficult (side note: thank goodness I wore my older ASICS from last year and not the ones in which I currently train).
  3. I REALLY want to do another race with obstacles: I loved the added challenge and had a ton of fun getting past the obstacles during the Color Me Cooper 5K. I will be trying to find a race that offers a lot of obstacles (without the mud)!


DSC02882  DSC02900 (2)



DSC02921 (2)

DSC02925 (2)

DSC02933 We had fun with our jumping pictures!

We really enjoyed participating in this race, and it was very well organized. Also, as it turns out, it was chip timed (very surprising!). My official time was 32:41, which I will gladly take knowing how hard that course was! This was Robert’s first timed race, and his official time was 39:45!

QOTD: What is an important lesson you have learned from a past race?


  1. FUN! I keep looking for one near me but I live in the middle of nowhere. Adding trails and mud sounds hard! Hope your ankles recover fast.

    1. I hope you can find a race near you! Do you live within driving distance to a city area?

      Thanks for the quick recovery wishes!

  2. Looks like you two had a blast! Was this the first race you did together? Great time, too, considering it wasn't just running! :)
    Something I've learned- wear sunglasses or a visor! While it may be cold temperature wise, the beating sun is not very forgiving.

    1. Actually we did The Graffiti Run back in December together, so this was our 2nd one :) Looking forward to running the Tower of Tower 10-Miler together for our 1 year wedding anniversary!

      That is a good lesson, not a fun one to learn the hard way though lol!